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AboutUs - The Story  Continues

The name Desert Rock Pottery was initially designed to signify the area of the country where we are located in (The "Desert" Southwest), and the "Rock" conveys the basic tools that are used in the production of pottery throughout the ages in the world. It has since then come to also signify the "Rock Of Our Salvation", who's ministry took place in much of the deserts of His time. Of course, "Pottery" is a given: as that is what we do.

John, the owner, and ceramic artist/potter had never thought of doing this for a living, but as there is a family history of visual impairment/blindness, and he had already started experiencing some minor vision loss: it was thought that pottery would be a hobby that he could do, even if he was to lose all or much of his vision.

For the first few years, John had only worked in handbuilding and learning how to glaze "bisqued" pieces. In 2018, John's wife Maina bought John his first (used) potters wheel: and his passion grew to the point of no return. Although he had been watching YouTube videos on handbuilding and wheel work since the beginning: he now focused almost exclusively on the wheel techniques.

Now that it has been over seven years since this journey began, we have a new focus, new vision for the future. Over the past few years, we have been doing many different craft fairs/shows, and although they have been very educational: that has been very physically challenging. In the last few months of 2019, we did six shows: with the majority of them done by John alone.

So it was decided that in 20/20 (2020), we were going to have a new VISION & FOCUS for the new year. That new vision will be to put a greater emphasis on marketing our products & services online. One of the important things that we needed to do, is to redesign our site. So here we are!!  Besides having a e-commerce website, we also are marketing some of our products on Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, and soon in other venues as well.

Besides all of the work we have been doing in learning to produce even higher quality products,  in late 2019 we started teaching classes to those interested in learning some basic skills in doing handbuilding and/or wheel work.  We will be continuing to do that throughout 2020 and beyond.

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